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Live Session: Natural Language Processing 101

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Session on NLP 101

Speaker – Dipanjan Sarkar|Schedule – 25th June at 8:00 PM IST or 4:30 PM CET (please locate in your timezone here) | Duration – 1-1.5 hrs

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Natural Language Processing (NLP): This vast & fascinating discipline deals with a fundamental (but important) question: can machines understand human language? Why am I stressing that the question that NLP tries to address is important?

Well, this is for the obvious reason. Even when we have to write a small program to add two numbers, we are supposed to provide instruction in a very structured & well-defined manner, and there is a proper syntax define; even if you miss a semi-colon, the machine won’t understand. Well, in such a scenario, it will be magical if we command the machine to play our favourite song, and they do! 😊

The technology of Natural Language Processing has made a lot of progress already, and perhaps you already use this technology in your day-to-day life without realising it. Let me talk about some coolest applications NLP.

  1. Google Translation: How often do you use Google Translation to translate something from one language to another? You may not realise it, but it almost erases the language barrier and empowers us to explain ourselves & understand others, even when our languages are entirely different! Fun fact: More than 500 million people use Google Translate every day!
  2. Speech Recognition: When Siri was launched, it was a matter of discussion & clamour. But now this technology seems to have pervasive. You must have heard of Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and many others. You command them, and they will carry it out for you 😊
  3. Chatbots: Almost every other website has this these days and I am sure you have come across & used some of the chatbots yourself.
  4. SignAll: this is another interesting & noble use of the technology. The app converts the sign language into text & help deaf people communicate with folks who do not know the sign language. Is it not uplifting! 😊
  5. Aviation: NLP is being applied in aircraft maintenance. It could help mechanics synthesize information from enormous aircraft manuals it can also find meaning in the descriptions of problems reported verbally or handwritten from pilots and other humans.
  6. Fighting crime: there’s even work being done to have natural language processing assist to specifically identify the motive in crimes.

If you find this exciting & would like to take peek into it and learn fundamentals, we have a session coming on Natural Language Processing 101. It has been scheduled for 25th June at 8:00 PM IST (please location time in your time zone here).

The session speaker is Dipanjan Sarkar. Dipanjan is a passionate Data Scientist and is currently working as a Data Science Lead at Applied Materials. He is a popular name in the Data Science community and he is also a Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning.

In case, you have not signed up for the bootcamp already, please fill in the form below.

This is going to be exciting. See you at the session 😊


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