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Be part of a Global AI community of passionate Data Science and AI learners

Be part of a Global AI community of passionate data science and AI learners

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300+ AI Changemakers and 100+ Organizations have partnered with DPhi to democratize data science innovation and education for the world!

University Programs

DPhi AI University Chapter

We take pride in bringing in data and AI literacy among students with the aim to cultivate young AI entrepreneurs and provide opportunities to work on their ideas. We collaborate with the student clubs to support in the activities not limited to the following:

  • Expert sessions by Industry experts
  • Bootcamps for cohort-based learning
  • Mentoring sessions for a data science career aspirants

We look for 5 student volunteers and a Faculty advisor to set up the DPhi AI University chapter and collaborate on the activities.

University Pro Program

Alongside engagement with the AI Club, The DPhi data science skill development platform is offered for 6 months at no cost. The platform provides access to 

  • All Courses in DPhi platform including tailored learning paths, 
  • AI Challenges and Hackathons
  • 100K+ community members across 150 countries  and learning support

Students are welcome to collaborate with our community members and work together on their AI ideas

University Platinum Program

In addition to supporting the AI club, The University will be provided with access to DPhi data science skill development platform for the subscription period and a dashboard to monitor student progress. The University will also be able to conduct coding and data science assessments and hackathons.

We’ll work with the University to set up a 

  • Dashboard to monitor student learning progress
  • Data science and AI placement center
  • Provide support in developing cutting-edge data science curriculum and enabling the students to become industry ready.

The University can contact us using the form below to discuss a customized pricing for the services provided through the Platinum program.

Interested in University Programs? Connect with us!

If you are a University or College faculty interested in bringing Data science and AI education to your students or looking for ways to enhance your current programs and student’s learning experience, we are here to support you in
achieving your desired goals. Contact us by selecting your preferred program and by submitting the form below

Student Volunteers

If you are a student leader and interested in setting up an AI club or collaborating with your existing AI club, we are happy to support you in your upskilling journey. 

We have had successful partnerships with several University AI clubs. Contact us by signing up using the form below.

Organizations where our community members work

These include thousands of professionals and research students who participate in our AI Challenges and other learning avenues.

and many more…

Frequently Asked Questions

None. DPhi is a platform that provides free learning resources for AI enthusiasts. Thus, we will happily provide support to our partners as long as there is a clear benefit for their local or the global data science communities.

It is usually for at least three months, and many of them continue for much longer. Nevertheless, the partnerships are founded on mutual trust. Therefore, while it is unlikely to happen, if either partner (i.e., DPhi or your organization) does not see an impact, they are free to end the association without any hassle.

Sure, please feel free to apply. Our team looks into every single application and will be happy to consider your case.

It can happen on the same day as well. It depends on the type of support required. Generally, there is always some active resource available on DPhi that the partners can extend to their communities. If you’re looking for something specific, we’d suggest you to apply at the earliest, and let us know about your urgency during the process. We’ll be happy to expedite things for you, if possible.