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Course Content

Session: Introduction to Data Science and its applications by Admond Lee

Setting up Coding Environment

Python Basics and Intro to Data Types

Quiz 1

Lists and Tuples

Quiz 2

Loops and Range

Quiz 3

Conditional Statement and Dictionaries

Quiz 4

Functions, Methods and Packages

Quiz 5

Session: Fundamentals of Python and NumPy

Array, Vectors & Matrices

Notebook: Introduction to Numpy

Quiz 6

Session recap and NumPy practice

Data Analysis & Pandas

Session: Diving Deep into Pandas

Notebook: Introduction to Pandas

Working with CSV files

Quiz 7

Data Visualization

Session: Data Visualization & Matplotlib

Notebook: Data Visualization

Additional Resources on Matplotlib & Seaborn

Quiz 8

EDA & Data Pre-processing

Session: EDA & Data Preprocessing

Assignment 1

Linear Algebra & Basic Statistics

Descriptive Stats, Transformations & EDA

Notebook: EDA on Wine Dataset

Quiz 9

More on Statistics, Data Cleaning & EDA

The ABC of Machine Learning

Session: Data Pre-processing

Notebooks: Data Pre-processing

Quiz 10

Session: Building your first ML model

Building Your First ML Model

Notebooks: Build your first ML model

Decision Tree

Quiz 11

Simple Linear Regression

Cost function

Notebook: Linear Regression

Session: Linear Regression & Types of ML Models

[Optional] Logistic Regression

Assignment 2

Session: Hands-on with Logistic Regression

Quiz 12

Session: Ensemble Models and Hyper-parameter Tuning

[Optional] Logistic Regression Intuition and Practice

Session Prep & Multi-Class Logistic Regression

Session Notebook

Session: ML Model Evaluation, Cross Validation & Hyperparameter Tuning

Practice Exercise

Random Forest and Ensemble Models

Notebook: Random Forest Model

Bias and Variance Trade-off

Practice Exercise

ML Concepts Recap

Notebook: Titanic Dataset - Optimization

Regression Algorithms

Classification Algorithms

Quiz 13

Feature Selection

Session: Feature Importance and Selection

Session Notebook: Ensemble Models

Assignment 3

Session: Artificial Neural Network for Beginners

Session resources: ANN for Beginners

Session: Data Science for Cyber Security

Notebooks: Data Science for Cyber Security

Session: NLP Essentials

Notebooks: NLP Essentials

Session: Predictive model in R

Notebooks: Predictive model in R

Session: Introduction to Descriptive Statistics and Exploratory Data Analysis

Notebooks: Introduction to Descriptive Statistics and Exploratory Data Analysis

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