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One year of AI Planet (formerly DPhi) – it is still day one for us!

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As all ambitious journeys have humble beginnings, we had ours too. It was a year back, still remember those intense days scouting for speakers to conduct a bootcamp during the lockdown period. We were fortunate to have been joined by a few helping hands who came forward to deliver free live sessions/workshops.

Well, the stage was set, 10th May 2020 was the day when we announced our first bootcamp ever. Our initial plan was to create a bandwidth for some 300 odd learners and we were focusing on how to deliver quality content and create a memorable learning experience for them.

But destiny had different plans for us, the bootcamp became somewhat viral, we saw 1000+ registrations in less than 2 days, we didn’t anticipate such a response to be honest. Gradually, we received 3.3K+ registrations in less than a week. Since we haven’t planned for such a large scale, we had to change our strategy without budging on quality and meaningful learning experience. That’s when we started a volunteering program, where we invited several Data Scientists in the community to join the cause and asked them to mentor learners of the bootcamp.

Everything eventually fell in place, we were joined by 50+ Data Scientists from industry and academia to support the cause. If it wouldn’t be with the cooperation of coaches and the speakers, we wouldn’t have created such an impact. It was a collaborative team effort that fetched the results.

After the first bootcamp, we went on to conduct 6 bootcamps joined by 20K+, built 20+ micro-courses, hosted 60+ Data/A.I Challenges, the resources on the platform was accessed by ~100K+ Data Scientists/Enthusiasts. It was a blissful journey overall, couldn’t have asked for better.

A quick year in review where we’ll let the numbers talk with you.

source: Google Analytics – DPhi
Quick look at diversity – source: Google Analytics

Quick look at diversity – % age group of the community – source: Google Analytics

Now, what next?

We are growing. It is still day 1 for us in creating an ecosystem to shape and build the future A.I and Innovation. 

For individuals and the community, we want to multiply the impact to build an open educational platform in the field of ML/A.I. We aspire to be the de-facto platform for the same with rich resources for anyone to take their first/next step in their Data Science/A.I learning journey. The journey wouldn’t be possible without the support of the community.

For organizations, we envision empowering them with A.I essentials that allow them to create a much bigger impact. We are in the midst of building our ecosystem suite, for the moment our assessment platform helps companies hire the best tech talent through real-world coding and A.I challenges, while the A.I crowdsourcing platform empowers companies to drive innovation.

While we completed more than a year into our journey with your support, it still feels we just started yesterday, and there much more to do! Thank you so much for showering us with all the love, positivity, and motivation with your messages/emails all throughout the year. It helps and pushes our team to push our limit to deliver the best for you!

Onwards and upwards!

Team AI Planet (formerly DPhi)

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