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Data Science Bootcamp – Week#4 Day 2: Practice Problems on Linear Regression and Logistic Regression

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Hello Passionate Learners,

Now that we started building models and as well learnt how to optimize them. We also know how to evaluate them. Well, seems like we learnt the entire machine learning pipeline!

That brings us to do more practice! Yes, we need to practice a lot more. Not just that, we need to learn about various machine learning models which we will be doing anyway in next few days.

Since the start of this day, we have been experimenting with certain things and finally zeroed on the practice exercises and its practicalities. The coolest part is, we will generate a leaderboard based on the model prediction performance :medal::star-struck: Details are put up on learning platform!:bangbang:

Interesting note: If you are able to solve these and upload your prediction on an unseen data, you can consider you got started with Kaggle:grinning::rocket: (we need to practice and learn more to master at DS challenges though).

Also, we have uploaded the session slides for Model Evaluation Metrics and Hyper parameter tuning at the LMS in Week #4 Day 2.

Slide Downloadable link:

Cheers and Happy Learning!
Manish KC

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