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Data Science Bootcamp – Day #3 – Introduction to Conditional Statement and Dictionaries

45 sec read

In this module, we’ll be focusing on two important concepts in Python:

  1. Conditional Statement
  2. Dictionaries

The module includes all the content, examples and video tutorials required to get a good hold of the concepts. The practice questions at the end of the module are specially curated for beginners. As you solve each question, you’ll be levelling up your coding skills.

Some points to be noted:

  • Make sure you attempt the practice questions and quizzes with utmost diligence.
  • Try to work out a solution in your mind or on a paper before running the code in a code editor.
  • Google is your buddy, but not for googling solutions of the questions straight away. The zeal to understand the method behind a solution will take you a long way!

The downloadable version of the slides can be found here:

P.S: In order to provide a smooth learning experience, we will be using AI Planet (formerly DPhi) Learning platform to put day-wise modules/quizzes, week-wise modules and assignments in one place. The platform will primarily help you with the required information and learning resources throughout the bootcamp.

PPS. We really appreciate all kinds of critical feedback. It makes us work even harder on the next day’s content. 🙂

Happy learning, Pythonistas!

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