Gunnika Batra

  Google Code-in Mentor @Tensorflow | Lead @WTMBVP | GitHub Campus Expert | Former Data Analytics Intern @SHEROES | Python and food enthusiast


4 Stories by Gunnika Batra

Data Science Bootcamp – Day #15 – Distribution, Skewness and Data Cleaning

Hello learners! Let’s broaden our statistics knowledge and learn about Distribution and Skewness today. There are a number of distributions in statistics but we’ll...
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Data Science Bootcamp – Day #13 – Resources, Data Visualization on Real Dataset and Assignment#1

Hi Data Science enthusiast! We hope you’re starting to understand the ‘data’ in data science. We bring to you your first assignment. Yes, the...
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Data Science Bootcamp – Day #4 – Functions, Methods and Packages

Hello learners! We’ll be learning about Python functions, methods and packages in the following module. The downloadable version of the slides can be found here:
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Data Science Bootcamp – Day #3 – Introduction to Conditional Statement and Dictionaries

In this module, we’ll be focusing on two important concepts in Python: Conditional Statement Dictionaries The module includes all the content, examples and video...
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