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Data Science Bootcamp – Day #15 – Exploratory Data Analysis

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We will be playing with Gmail Data and Wine Dataset during the session!

Hello Passionate Learners!

Today we have an interesting live session lined up for you. The session will be delivered by Joinal Ahmed (Data Scientist at HaloDoc ID). He will be playing with his own Gmail data while performing the exploratory data analysis. In addition, we will be playing with wine dataset – you will get to analyze which wine is better (white or red) 🙂 The jupyter/colab notebook for the session can be found below.

!!! The session might be overwhelming but it is not. Just see what’s happening with the data. It will be fun.

Download Jupyter Notebooks

Notebook Download instructions

  • Click “Clone or Download” and then select “Download zip file
  • The downloaded zip file will have two notebooks: EDA on Gmail and Wine Dataset. These files will be used for analysis today.

Steps to download Gmail Data

!! please take proper care of your gmail data

Downloadable version of the slides can be found here.

Live session details:

The journey ahead for us!

We have an exciting journey ahead of us in the coming few weeks. 

  • We summarized them in this small video:
  • You can still start afresh and take a break from coding if required, we have plenty of auto-machine learning libraries that would ease things for us.
  • Ensure to effectively use slack and seek guidance from the coaches.

Happy learning and see you at the session.

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