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Data Science Bootcamp – Day #14 – Linear Algebra and Basic Statistics

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Today, let’s learn about linear algebra and basic statistics that form the building blocks of machine learning algorithms. Well, there is no need to get initimidated if you are not from maths or stats background, it is completely fine. It takes a while to learn these and that shouldn’t stop us from proceeding further, we get to learn new things as we dive deep into the subject and learning shouldn’t stop.

The below slides will give you a quick overview and high level conceptual knowledge about following topics: Linear Algebra, Matrices and Basic Statistics.

Personally, I refer and like statisticshowto to get clarity on some of the fundamentals of the statistics. The way Stephanie Glen explains the concepts in simple terms is just amazing. Again, you don’t need to consume all of it in a day, go step by step. While the website is not aesthetically pleasing, the quality of content is really good for beginners.

Download Slides

Further, we have an exciting journey ahead of us in the next few weeks

It covers:

  • Assignments
  • Journey ahead of us!
  • Start afresh and take a break from coding if required, we have plenty of auto machine learning libraries that would ease things for us.
  • Effective use of slack and guidance of coaches.

Cheers & Happy Learning 🙂
Team AI Planet (formerly DPhi)

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