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Data Science Bootcamp – Day #2 – Introduction to Loops and Range – Python

In this learning module, we shall cover the below topics Loops (While loop and For loop) Enumerate Range Here goes the learning module with...
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Data Science Bootcamp – Day #1 – Introduction to Data Science and its applications

We had an exciting first session with Admond Lee, where he briefed us Data Science & Its Real-Life Applications. In addition, Admond also spoke...
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Data Science Bootcamp – Day #0 – Basics of Python and Data Types

It is super exciting and inspiring to see many success stories from our absolute beginner learners’ on #success_stories Slack Channel. Many first time programmers...
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Data Science Bootcamp – Pre-Work – Setting up Python Environment

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the 5-Week Data Science Bootcamp by AI Planet (formerly DPhi)! Before we get started with the bootcamp, we need to...
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Call for Volunteers to Coach Learners for the Data Science Bootcamp

Anyone who is passionate about Data Science & Machine Learning and is looking forward to making the best use of lockdown time, this is...
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5-Week Online Data Science Bootcamp

Overview In our endeavour to build data culture and democratize Data Science learning, we are launching a 5-week online data science bootcamp with the...
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Step by Step process to solve a Data Science Challenge/Problem

From predicting a sales forecast to predicting the shortest route to reach a destination, Data Science has a wide range of applications across various...
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Why and how to get started with Data Science Competitions?

Often people refer to several online resources when learning to build machine learning and statistical models. However, gathering knowledge by reading will only get...
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