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Live session on Data Science for Cybersecurity Analysis

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This will be a hands-on session using a real-world dataset!

  • Live Session| 7th June 2020, 5:00 pm CET (locate time in your timezone here)
  • Duration: 1-1.5 hrs | Speaker: Julián Darío Miranda-Calle, Professor, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
  • Note: This is a community-driven initiative and there is no participation fee.

This session is a part of AI Planet (formerly DPhi) Data Science bootcamp and it will be delivered by Mr Julián Darío Miranda-Calle. Julian is a professor of computing, mathematics, and architecture of operating systems. He is also a researcher in Data Science, Machine Learning, and signal processing, applied to seismic events processing and cybersecurity analysis, among other fields. 

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There are billions of people on the Internet, carrying out all sorts of activities – chatting with friends & loved ones, playing games, sharing a family function photographs & videos, buying & selling things, sending confidential business information, and many other things that you can think. When there are so many things – many of them very sensitive & important – happening on the Internet, it is impossible to even think that bad guys with bad intentions are not lurking out there!

Source: IT Governance, UK

These bad actions on the Internet are inspired by BIG incentives – there might be people who want to siphon off money from people’s bank account, there might be rouge nations who want to steal the top business & security secrets of other nations, there might be rouge businesses who want to steal competition’s plan.

Well, do not take our words for this (you should not if you are a data scientist 😉); according to data by cybersolutions.com, there are more than 158,000 cyber attacks every hour! Take a moment & imagine that number – it is more than 40 cyberattacks per second!  

Well, when the threat is so big & lurking every nook & corner, it becomes a top priority to be watchful! It is very important to ask – how do I identify a cyber attack? Is there a pattern? Can I crack down on it even before it occurs (remember Minority Report?)

Well, we will be exploring the above attacks/aspects using a real dataset during the session!

Who all can attend?

The session is open to all – data science explorers, enthusiasts, and experts. And if you’re someone from the cybersecurity field, it is a must to attend for you.

If you’re interested, kindly fill out the below form. See you at the session! 🙂


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