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2 Years of AI Planet (formerly DPhi)

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Time flies! I cannot emphasize enough how exciting it is to build a community envisioned to educate and solve meaningful problems. The ambition to grow further and impact others just got bigger day by day since our inception, and we are 2 years into making AI Planet. 

Several remarkable events have happened in the past year that shaped AI Planet into what it is today. Despite ups and downs, we owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to our community for keeping us on our toes and motivated through their love and zeal towards data science. During our quest, we onboarded more passionate believers to the team, and together, we continue to make a positive impact on the global AI ecosystem.

Here is the impact we’ve created through our community initiatives and our product:

Community Initiatives

  • Community Bootcamps & Courses: This is core to our heart, and it is one of the first initiatives that we started at scale. Last year, we took pride in hosting 47 bootcamp cohorts on 9 different topics. We focused on creating the right environment for the community to learn and apply skills in solving a problem. Having run several bootcamps and analyzing the current learner needs, we arrived at a conclusion that mini-bootcamps or micro-courses could be a way ahead should we focus on learner completion rates. Hence, we started delivering more bite-sized mini bootcamps, making it easier for many community members to complete their bootcamps. That being said, we will continue to host more longish bootcamps and gradually break them down to smaller ones.
  • Data Sprints. It is something we have consistently delivered and is very dear to us as we envision making it an experiential learning platform in the future. We hosted 53 data sprints in the last year. Some of the problems solved on the platform include earthquake prediction, safeguarding of NFTs/Crypto assets, intelligent weather forecasting, etc. Further, partner organizations provided cash prizes worth $100K+ to the community.
  • Expert sessions: We continued our success in bringing some of the most renowned data scientists to share their experiences with the community. We invited 29 experts in the last year and have scheduled 5 more expert sessions for the coming weeks. 
  • Articles: We started our journey with educational articles, but that took a back seat for a while, with the community being more proactively engaged in bootcamps and courses. Moving forward we shall focus on our medium blog and our own blog to generate quality educational content.


We released a bundle of features over the last year and are working on some exciting projects that’ll enhance the experience of the community. I’m sure you’ve witnessed some of them already; sharing a few glimpses below: 

  • Built Skillspace – aimed at effectively assessing the skills of data scientists and developers. We started using it for community bootcamps to evaluate learners’ assignments. We’ve also built an educator and learner app feature in early January 2022.
  • Contributions page – Based on the request from the community, we built a community donations page with the purpose of supporting our cause to make data education accessible to all.
  • Wall of love – The page where there is life, learning, experiences, and love. Internally we call it one of the most impactful pages that we have built so far. This is one place where we captured our community stories for the outside world.
  • New learning management system – In early April, we launched a new learning management system that aims to smoothen the community’s experience.
  • New bootcamp management system – We’ve launched a new bootcamp management system that is aimed at automating certificate allocation and registration flow for various bootcamp cohorts.
  • Robust evaluation engine for AI challenges – We’ve enhanced our AI challenges evaluation engine and made major improvements that’ll allow us to scale to millions of submissions.

With that, let me talk about the impact and achievements we’ve tasted in the last year:

AI Planet‘s overall impact in numbers:

  • 100K+ global community benefitted from free courses and bootcamps
  • 85K+ ML model submissions and 1.29+ billion rows of data processed
  • 300+ Community Partners
  • 250+ Contributors
  • 150+ countries
  • 100+ AI challenges hosted on real-world problems
  • 70+ free bootcamps and courses on various data science and AI topics

Achievements & Awards

  • Featured among Most Innovative ML Companies in Belgium 
  • Global Community Partner at World Data League – focused on solving impactful social problems.
  • Top 10 Machine Learning Hackathons for AI Professionals by Analytics Insight Magazine
  • Top 10 startups at *ship Startup Festival Finland 
  • Top 5 startups at Austrian Startup Stammtisch Special 
  • Backed by GAN Accelerators & Startit @KBC – part of 65 global startups as part of its ambitious accelerator program that provides free office space in Europe, mentorship, international expansion, and advisory.
  • Selected and backed by Microsoft for Startups & AWS Activate for Startups

What next?

We will be launching the world’s first community-driven AI marketplace in the near future. It envisions to build AI for the world to solve meaningful problems in health care, education, agriculture, finance, and gradually extending it to other sectors.

We still have a long way to go. With the support of our community, we remain committed to our mission to educate and build AI for the world. We look forward to taking more initiatives in shaping the future of AI.

Many thanks to our amazing community, speakers/coaches, advisors, and partners. Without you all, this wouldn’t be possible.

Onwards and upwards! 🙂

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