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Naïve Bayes Algorithm — Everything you need to know

Introduction The simplest solutions are usually the most powerful ones, and Naïve Bayes is a good example of that. Despite the advances in Machine...
Nagesh Singh Chauhan
5 min read

Optimization Algorithms in Neural Networks

Overview of some of the most used optimizers while training a neural network. Introduction In deep learning, we have the concept of loss, which...
Nagesh Singh Chauhan
10 min read

Beginners Guide to Statistics in Data Science

Introduction Statistics is a discipline of mathematics that is globally agreed to be a prerequisite for a more profound understanding of machine learning. Although...
Nagesh Singh Chauhan
6 min read

Jia Wu Speaks: Journey from research to the industry

Jia Wu, part of the AI Planet (formerly DPhi) community, who worked her way from the Research background at Yale to the data science...
4 min read

WiDS-Brussels celebrates Womens’ Day in grandeur

Womens’ Day is all about celebrating the woman and her successes, and supporting and enabling every other woman around us. Women in Data Science(WiDS)...
1 min read

AI Planet (formerly DPhi) AI Changemakers Programme

Changemaker – A term coined by the social entrepreneurship organization, Ashoka, meaning one who desires change in the world and, by gathering knowledge and...
1 min read

Organize AI Challenges on AI Planet (formerly DPhi)

In our endeavor to democratize Data Science/A.I for everyone, our team has been working tirelessly on a strong start for a new initiative that...
43 sec read

Call for Data Science Speakers for Open Education Initiatives

For everyone who is passionate about Data Science & Machine Learning and is looking forward to making a difference. By being a part of...
48 sec read

Call for contributions to the Data Science community!

We’re looking for enthusiastic community members who love giving back to the community by sharing their knowledge through blogs, tutorials, and notebooks. This will be...
37 sec read

Best Notebooks from the Machine Learning Bootcamp

Hello everyone! The Machine Learning Bootcamp saw a lot of enthusiastic learners participate and complete the bootcamp both in the ‘Machine Learning Bootcamp –...
1 min read