Adarsh Menon

  Adarsh is a tech & data science enthusiast. In his own words, “I make websites and teach machines to predict stuff. I also make YouTube videos —"


6 Stories by Adarsh Menon

Tutorial on Linear Regression using Gradient Descent

This article talks about how the gradient descent algorithm works and describes the implementation from scratch in python.
0 3 min read

Linear Regression in 6 lines of Python

This quick post is to share a method with which you can perform linear as well as multiple linear regression, in literally 6 lines...
0 1 min read

Tutorial on Logistic Regression using Gradient Descent with Python

The article talks about how logistic regression works and how you can easily implement it from scratch using python as well as using sklearn
4 5 min read

Face Detection in 2 Minutes using OpenCV & Python

this quick post talks about a very popular and easy way of detecting faces using Haar cascades in OpenCV and Python.
0 1 min read

COVID-19: Visualising the Impact of Social Distancing in Python

This article graphically demonstrate how social distancing can play a crucial role in curbing the spread of corona virus.
0 4 min read

Tutorial on Linear Regression Using Least Squares

Linear Regression is the simplest form of machine learning out there. In this tutorial, we will see how linear regression works and implement it...
2 2 min read