ABC of Machine Learning & Data Storytelling Workshops

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As a part of the Data 4 Good Challenge at Emergent Leuven, DPhi will be presenting two workshops-

  1. Machine Learning Workshop -ABC of Machine Learning
  2. Data Storytelling Workshop

ABC of Machine Learning

It is an introductory machine learning workshop that will cover the basics and fundamentals of Machine Learning. Along with that, you will also learn to build your very first Machine Learning model.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the basics of Machine Learning and its applications. 
  • Build your first Machine Learning model

To everyone who registered this machine learning workshop, a link to the recorded session will be sent by email.

Date & Time: 2nd November 2020

Speakers of the Workshop

This workshop will be delivered by Chanukya Patnaik, the Co-founder of DPhi.

Chanukya Patnaik

Chanukya Patnaik is the Co-founder of DPhi and a founding team member of Complidata – an AI platform that helps Financial Institutions fight Financial Crime with AI and Machine Learning. He is a Data Science Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Problem-Solver, and Marketer. Chanukya loves building and growing communities, teams and has led lean teams across various startups.

You can reach and learn more about him through his LinkedIn profile.

Data Storytelling Workshop

In this workshop, we will understand what data storytelling is and why we need it. The speaker will be exploring some popular visualization libraries and communication techniques for stakeholders that will give us a board overview of how Data Storytelling can be of great help for us.

Date & Time: 3rd November 2020

Speakers of the Workshop

This workshop will also be delivered by Chanukya Patnaik, the Co-founder of DPhi and Gunnika Batra, Research Intern at DRDO.

Gunnika Batra

Gunnika Batra is currently working as a Research Intern at INMAS, Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and one of the Founding Team of DPhi. She has previously worked as the Campus Lead of SHEROES. SHEROES is a technology-enabled big, safe and super constructive online space for women with stories, aspirations, struggles, and successes.


You may register to enter the workshop by filling the following google form.

By registering, you will receive recorded videos of the workshop where the speakers will teaching us and at he same time, address all relevant questions that we received through the google form.

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