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DSW and AI Planet partner for mutual advancement in AI, driving innovation and bringing together enterprises and the AI community.

Data Science Wizards (DSW) and AI Planet have announced a strategic partnership to revolutionize AI with the UnifyAI platform and community-driven marketplace. This powerful...
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Celebrating Graduates of AI Planet (formerly DPhi) Summer ’22 Bootcamps – Data Engineering Bootcamps and Mini Bootcamps

The summer of 2022 was an eventful one for the community on AI Planet (formerly DPhi) as the community members enjoyed a plethora of...
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Celebrating Graduates of Data Science and Deep Learning Bootcamps by AI Planet (formerly DPhi) and IIT Bombay Analytics Club

AI Planet collaborated with IIT Bombay’s Analytics Club to organize two bootcamps that served as hands-on courses by data science experts from the industry....
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Celebrating our new bootcamp grads – 5 Week Data Science and Deep Learning Bootcamps

DPhi Bootcamps are avenues for intensive hands-on learning from data science experts. These bootcamps are structured in ways that drive impact through outcomes. Understandably...
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AI Planet (formerly DPhi) and LearnML Trailblazer Fellowship

Recently, we announced a partnership between AI Planet and Learning.MachineLearning communities to democratize data science education. With this, we are launching our first collaborative...
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