Empower your team with Data Science and AI Skills

AI Planet for teams enable you to track your team’s learning progress and performance in assessments and challenges.
  • Access Self-paced Coursework
  • Set Learning Paths
  • Track your team's progress

Bring AI and Analytics within your organization

With AI Planet for Teams, you can help everyone in your organization become data literate and learn data science
Create your Team
Create upto 10 teams from a single account
Pick or Create a Learning Path
Choose from a broad range of courses
Track Progress
Monitor your team goals and assignments

Organizations where our coaches and course creators work

Learning resources on AI Planet are contributed by experts, including principal data scientists, data science managers, and CXOs from leading organizations.
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Key Highlights

Hands-on Approach with Assignments

AI Planet courses and learning paths are created by experts using a hands-on approach. The platform allows learners to apply skills that develop confidence and drive organizational growth.
Hands-on Approach with Assignments

Custom Learning Paths

You can take advantage of the existing learning paths that provide a guided learning experience. In addition, you can create your learning paths using the library of 50+ courses on AI Planet.
Custom Learning Paths

Team Management

AI Planet for Teams is equipped with a team management and progress measurement dashboard. You can conveniently invite employees to start learning and track their progress in an easy-to-understand dashboard.
Team Management

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  • No. of invites: 3 members
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  • No. of learning path creations: Only pre-made paths can be used
  • Courses (free and premium): Only free courses


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  • No. of invites: Upto 20 members
  • No. of team creations: Upto 10 teams
  • No. of learning path creations: Pre-made and customize learning paths upto 10 learning paths
  • Courses (free and premium): Free and premium, unlimited courses

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  • No. of invites: Unlimited
  • No. of team creations: Unlimited
  • No. of learning path creations: Both, Unlimited
  • Courses (free and premium): Free and premium, unlimited courses

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