Template Notebook - Data Analysis and Visualization 101 Bootcamp Final Assignment

This notebook contains the detailed tasks that need to be performed in the final assignment of Data Analysis and Visualization 101 Bootcamp. The tasks need to be completed within the designated sections (you may add as many code cells as you want within the sections). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT: Some updates have been made to the assignment: - A little more Data Cleaning will be required apart from the mentioned mandatory steps in order to create meaningful plots. For eg., you might find that some respondents have written 'python' while some have written 'Python'. They both are actually the same class and need to be treated the same. - For numerical variables, replace the missing values with the mean of the data. - For categorical variables, replace the missing values with the mode of the data. - In the line plot for years of experience vs salary, you need to take the median salary for each experience year. For eg. median of all the salaries of people with years of experience as 5 and so on. Otherwise, the plots will be too cluttered and won't make sense. - For the least popular technologies, you need to list those with the no. of responses less than 4.