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Module 1: Python Basics - Part 1

Module 1: Python Basics - Part 2

Recorded Session: Introduction to Fundamentals of Python and NumPy

Recorded Session: Dive Deep into Pandas

Recorded Session: Notebooks

Module 2: Data Analytics & Pandas

Module 2: Working with CSV files

Recorded Session: Data Visualizations & Dive Deep into Matplotlib

Tutor Presentation

Notebook: Data Visualizations & Dive Deep into Matplotlib

Exploratory Data Analysis

Notebook: Exploratory Data Analysis

Recorded Session: Exploratory Data Analysis

Data Preparation 101

Recorded Session: Data Preparation 101

Recorded Session: Notebook

Getting familiar with ML terms

Linear Regression

Classification and Logistic Regression

ML 101

Regression: Cost Functions and Evaluation Metrics

Multi-class Classification & Classification Evaluation Metrics

Supervised Learning Algorithms

Introduction to Ensemble Models

Ensembling Models and Hyper Parameter Tuning

An Overview of Boosting Algorithms

Introduction to Feature Importance and Feature Selection in Machine Learning

Presentation: Feature Selection

Notebook: Feature Selection

Assignment Schedule & Instructions

Final Assignment: Applied Problem Solving

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