Introduction to Python Basics for Data Science

Learn Python, the most widely used programming language for Data Science.

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What is Python

Why Python for Data Science

What is Google Colab and Colab Notebook

Write Your Very First Python Program

[Optional] What is Anaconda and Jupyter Notebook

[Optional] Installation of Python and Anaconda

[Optional] Add and Execute code in Jupyter Notebook

Comments in Python

Operators in Python


Input and Output in Python

Exercise - Quiz

Exercise - Coding Challenge

Data Structures & Data Types in Python


Exercise - Quiz 1

Exercise - Quiz 2

Introduction & Implementation of List in Python

List Methods

List Exercise - Quiz 1

List Exercise - Quiz 2

Introduction & Implementation of Tuple in Python

Tuples Exercise - Quiz

Tuples Exercise - Coding Challenge

Introduction & Implementation of Dictionary in Python


Dictionary Exercise - Quiz

List, Tuple, Dictionary: Exercise - Quiz


sum() and round() functions in Python

Exercise - Quiz

Define functions in Python

Methods in Python

Difference between Functions and Methods

Packages in Python


Exercise - Quiz

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