Earn 50 XP

Hi learner!

Nice to see that you covered a long journey and reached till here. This is the final project of the bootcamp that'll help you strengthen your concepts on Model Deployment.

It consists of 2 parts:

  1. Datathon
  2. Deployed web application


Participate in this datathon and submit your predictions in a CSV file by using any model of your choice: https://aiplanet.com/practice/challenge/54

Deployed Web Application

After you’re done building the model, you can start creating a Web Application for the purpose of filtering loan applications.

The features that you have used for building the ML model will be the form inputs that will be taken from the bank official. You need to display “Approved” or “Rejected” on the basis of whether the application was approved or not.

Finally, deploy the application on Heroku and share the link with us in the form below!