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Learning Objectives

  • What is Functional Programming?
  • Why Functional Programming?

Functional Programming

  • Functional programming is a coding paradigm in which we define what to do instead of performing actions.

  • Here, we define the inputs that go into the function and the output that we expect from it.

  • You should have started getting the feel. You already know how to define functions from the course - ‘Introduction to Python Basics for Data Science.’

Why Functional Programming?

  • It helps you avoid writing the same set of code again and again
  • Once you have defined a set of instructions to do certain task, you can just call the same function wherever you want to perform the same action.
  • Codes are more manageable and organized

Functional Programming

  • Other than the ‘user-defined function’ that you learned in the course - ‘Introduction to Python Basics for Data Science’ there are some other functional programming concepts.
  • map(), filter(), lambda, etc.
  • You will learn these three functional programming in upcoming topics.